Modern Imperialism Essay

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Modern Imperialism “ It is not written that a follower of the religion of Ahimsa (non-killing) may kill a fellow-man. For him the way is straight. In order to save one being, he may not kill another. He can only plead- therein lies his sole duty” (45). Gandhi did not allow himself to give in to the oppressor. Religion is not the only belief that causes war. Our reasons have expanded so far out of reach to achieve success. Gandhi’s goal for achieving peace without violence does not seem applicable within our society. People walk the streets with guns in their pockets just to feel safe or prove that they have authority. People are so thin skinned in this modern civilization, that one wrong word could take a life. 911 is one example of violence being the answer for retaliation with war. Gandhi believed that all religions are quite the same in one way of believing in a ‘God’. All beliefs should be respected. “ Religions are different roads converging to the same point. What does it matter that we take different roads so long as we reach the same goal? Wherein is the cause for quarreling?” (44). My only question from this quote is, what is that ‘same goal’? If it were to achieve peace, then why are there terrorists? That is the reason why we are at war now. We do not agree with their beliefs of violence and yet we retaliate with their own medicine. The US war effort in Afghanistan owes itself to the enduring "war on terrorism," trying to achieve an impossible victory. We search for peace with more violence. But as we try to enforce strict oppression, it causes more violence. We used violence and tried to achieve economic dominance Iraq and Afghanistan are at war over religion. Israel and Palestine were at war over land. It seems that war can be started by anything and everything. One disagreement changes the

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