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| | | MODERN HUNTING | The American Way | | William Wallace | DeVry University Modern Hunting: The American Way Martin and his best friend Chris had unloaded the last boxes out of the moving van. Although it had been a long arduous day, the gratification of completing the move into Martin’s new house lessened the overwhelming impact of fatigue and weariness of their bodies and minds. Martin chose this area to live in because his new house bordered a wooded area of state-owned land that was prime hunting grounds. As they both surveyed the property and the woods beyond, Chris spotted movement at the edge of the tree line. A white tailed buck with an ‘eight point rack’ appeared out of the deep green underbrush meandering…show more content…
Indisputably, I am the future of hunting because I acquired so much from predecessors, including one vital responsibility: to prolong the legacy of hunting” (Bronner, 2008). Hunting enjoys a valued place in the lifestyle and traditions of families and communities. Especially in southern states, people align their calendars according to ‘game’ legally allowed to be hunted. Wild turkey and other fowl, deer, elk, feral pigs, small game, and in some cases alligator, bison, and bear are permitted to be pursued seasonally during specific times of the year. In Arkansas, students are actually given a day off from school, called ‘Deer Day’, to go hunting. On a recent visit to Academy Sports and Outdoors, veteran hunters were eager to share hunting experiences and knowledge about hunting. All of them had been hunting since they were youths. All of them came from multiple generational hunting families. In other words, hunting had been part of their descendant’s heritage and traditions for as long as they could remember. There is no place that validates the heritage and traditions of hunting and ignites the hunter’s passion more than deer camp. These temporary hamlets of ‘hopes and dreams’ spring up every hunting season in the American wilderness bringing together hunters of all ages for a week of ritualistic ‘man bonding’ and hunting anticipation. At deer camp, Stories of faded glories, dreams of future triumphs, and boastings of skill and daring are shared. Hunting tactics, strategies, wisdom and knowledge is pooled, as well as meals are prepared and eaten together. In fact, people come to deer camp

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