Modern History of Iran Essay

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We have all seen Iran on the news and in the newspaper, but what is Iranian life really like and how do the people of Iran view Americans? I chose to interview my Dad because he lived in Iran from1966 to1970. He was about 13 years old during this period of his life. What I gathered from class and his few years of living there gave me a brief glimpse of the Iranian history. The past of the Iranian people and those who live in that region is vast. By asking my father questions and doing research I want to try to understand a little bit of there past and how it affects them today. The history of Iran stretches from the years of Cyrus in 550 B.C., to the years of Shah Abbas in the 16th Century to the years of the Shahs of the 20th century to the present. The past of Iran is rich and full of culture, but is too long to describe in just a few page paper, so I will focus on a couple of major events and time periods from the 20th to the 21st century. I will try to understand the way the people feel about the United States as a country and as people, while also trying to understand the way the Iranian people live themselves. The person I interviewed was my father, who is fifty-two years old. He lived in Iran from1966 to1970. He also spent time in England but the majority of his life was spent in the United States . Currently, he is a lawyer in Philadelphia . Even though he spent only a portion of his life in Iran, I thought it would still be enough information to depict the general life of Iranians in the 1970’s. The main questions I had for him were regarding the Iranian government, U.S. relations with their government, and the lifestyle of the people in Iran

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