Modern Hero vs Classic Hero

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The modern hero in our society or even in the movies seeks to benefit the greater good with the good of his/her heart and the power of his/her mind. The modern hero usually fights for the greater good because s/he understands and experiences a common hardship. The Great Depression in the 1930’s affected everybody, even the wealthy people, and everyone needed at the very least hope and recognition. James J. Braddock, a once wealthy boxer affected by the Great Depression, fought for the greater good and brought hope to his entire home town just like the modern hero. Just like everyone else, James Braddock and his family was in poverty, and even struggled to pay for electricity to keep themselves warm or turn on the lights. James Braddock, at that point was no longer a boxer after a disappointing fight due to a broken hand, so he had to find temporarily employment elsewhere like a local construction area. Being paid no nearly enough, his children had to be sent away to relatives to keep warm because electricity in his home was shut down. Braddock loved his children to be with him so he went to his former boxing agency and actually begged for money to his humiliation, but ultimately to his children’s and families benefit. This act is very heroic and smart. Unlike the classic hero who mostly seeks glory, James Braddock seeks the greater good to his humility. After retrieving the electricity to his home and his children, James Braddock offered a one-fight deal to his relief. With the fight the financial position of his family would improve, but as much as his wife likes the idea, she dislikes the fact that he must fight for it. James still takes the fight. This might seem like a classic hero’s decision because of the brawn over brains- like situation, but really this is again a decision that is focused to help the greater good at the cost of some

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