Modern Family: Couples Communication Analysis

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Couples Communication The show Modern Family critiques the lives of the ordinary family, and all of its disfunctions. The show consists of three families that are all related to each other. There is a nuclear family, a gay couple with a Vietnamese baby, and a blended family and her child from another relationship. This show lets the viewer see how the “modern family” operates. Modern Family allows viewers to learn how vital communication is between their spouse or partner and how a couple avoids it to protect their spouse. Throughout the show we see how the spouses are afraid to confront their spouse directly because of the fear that they will take rejection to harshly. The spouses always devise these round about ways of telling the other spouse what they want to say, instead of telling them what they think straight to them. This show contains information about communication between the modern day families and couples. In one episode Phil, the husband of the typical family, is writing jokes for a realtors banquet he is hosting. Claire, the wife, hears one of his joke; she laughs at this joke to make her husband feel good about himself but truly doesn’t believe it was funny at all. She knows that if he goes on stage and tells these jokes no one will laugh at them and he will humiliate himself, but doesn’t want to tell him directly because she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings, but his feelings could be hurt even worse if he goes on stage and tells his jokes and no one laughs. In the same episode Cam, the boyfriend of Mitch in the gay couple, starts to exercise because he is overweight. Mitch is overjoyed that he started to exercise, but he wears unflattering tight bike shorts. Mitch knows that Cam is humiliating himself, but also doesn’t want to tell Cam because he is afraid to hurt Cam’s feelings, but continues to let Cam walk around in these pants
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