Modern Day Madea Journal Essay

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Medea’s Journal Entry #1 (lines 446-626) How dare Jason!? After all I’ve done to aid him! After all my sacrifice and pain, he will just up and leave me? How cruel of him. I left my land, betrayed my father, murdered my brother, and had King Pelias killed for that man! Now, he leaves and forgets his family and me for that woman? I gave everything for Jason, and even bore him two sons. However, he would rather abandon us to gain social rank. He claims it for us, but really it shall only benefit him. He offers us money and housing with his friends, but that is not what I strive for. I strive for a family with him. He will pay for this, and it will be I that makes him do so. Let him enjoy her arms for now, but soon I will have my revenge and he will understand my pain. I will take everything from him. He will be as alone and broken as I. Jason must pay for this misuse of my love, at any cost. I do not want his money, nor his housing. I refuse it all. A bad man’s gift brings no pleasure. Jason makes these empty promises that it is all out of love and he only leaves us for the bettering of our house. He destroys our house by leaving it! What of my children? They will be exiled with me. How am I supposed to feed myself with no employment, let alone two hungry children? This news is most unwelcome. Without a man to help me, how will I live in this world? This world is run by man and has no place for a single woman and her children. How can this society just let him leave us? Without merit, a man may leave his family, but a woman can never refuse her husband. Jason must suffer. He must realize that he is not about us. He will soon know how quickly fate can turn, much like mine did the day I met that awful man. Even after betraying my people for him, he would still see me exiled. I haven’t much time, but I must show him that I am

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