Modern Challenges Inimmagration

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Modern Challenges in Immigration Even though it is an enormously time intensive process which comprises of an extensive background check, interview and much paperwork, yes I would without a doubt want to immigrate to the United States because of the freedom to pursue my personal dreams, the abundance employment opportunities, and improved living standards compared to many other countries the United States is second to none. Although there are citizens of many foreign countries would enjoy nothing more than to immigrate to the United States and become American citizens. I do believe that the United States should support a policy that does indeed favor certain kinds of immigrants, such as immigrants that have certain essential trade skills that could prove to be extremely beneficial to the United States. Moreover, The United States government should not favor the preference for the needy immigrants, because it would not benefit economic nor social values to what is already a great country. Talent should give to preference: because gifted people can enrich this country with positive innovative ideas. The most oppressed should be an exception, because turning away people hounded by tyranny or death squads would not be democratically prudent. Preference to the richest people seeking to immigrate is desirable for economic reasons. Priority should be only for people of stable economic countries that benefit the U.S. economy and contribute to the arts or scientific fields with new talent, essential skilled professionals or wealthy people that can benefit this country economically. In closing although many citizens would argue that to turn away potential immigrants to the United States is morally goes against the foundations from which the United States was built. Accepting immigrants with minimal education and trade skills would burden this country economically welfare,

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