Modern And Traditional Organization Essay

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Traditional Management style doesn’t apply nowadays, except for the military. But it does, still, exists widely, especially on government agencies and some private institutions, believe me, I know some (not in the military, of course). I like to call it the “Command and Conquer” management style, where managers who posses this type of management approach doesn’t really care about the well-being of their employees. Some traditional managers, actually, sometimes try to reach out for their employees but fails to really touch the heart or even get their employees’ sympathy. This style, in my humble opinion, is driven mostly by results they wanted to get. It (the style) will push employees to their limits just to get results, or even force employees to obey them without any regards. Fear, most of the time, becomes the main reason why employees obey their traditional managers, which is bad. Fear is far very different from the word respect and it doesn’t correlate with each other. You just can’t have respect if you don’t give respect to others. Just like if you show and ask your employees to fear you, you can never have respect, but surely they’ll fear you. These managers never talks to their employees, unless they need something from them. If these managers feel some silent grudges going on against them, they will do what it takes just to make their people obey them. They offer sanctions, and even pile up the job to the staff that shows signs of inobedience. And after a job well done, nothing! As if nothing happens! And if the employee fails them, staggering words of failure from their superiors will be heard and planted into his mind. What do you get after these? You’ll get unmotivated, undependable, unreliable, and inefficient employees working around you. You can even say goodbye to the good working harmony. And the trust will never be there, and just like respect,

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