Modern American Experience Analysis

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The article’s title is an indication of the authors’ personal (subtle) prejudice towards Blacks in America, as they clearly differentiate the ‘Modern American Experience’ as something unique and different from The American Experience which is dramatically integrated with the ideas of racial divide and inequities born out of slavery. The article suggests racial prejudice has eroded since the 1950s but Abraham Lincoln’s Declaration of Emancipation happened long before that. Through continued oppression, much of which paralleled Nazi ideologies of WWII, various uprising and self empowering movements evolved and culminated in historical landmarks such as abolition of segregation in Schools (Brown. Vs. Board of Education, Marshall Thurgood etc). These…show more content…
Data supporting this argument is presented in a somewhat skewed interpretation that arbitrarily sets benchmarks of social norms Social research is oft aligned to analyzing phenomenon from a narrow perspective in order to draw meaningful interpretations of its observations. This article succeeded in numerous areas outside of its intended scope. It resulted in a lowering of my opinion of Stanford University faculty in general, and specifically the authors of this piece of crap. The 2008 election was a vibrant zone for focusing any article about racial character in Modern America. The authors certainly accomplished a fair depth of substantive data to support their conclusions but I would add their own baseline left little to no chance for protagonists to dispute their findings. Anyone playing devil’s advocate with their findings might ask where the populous was drawn from geographically as this in itself would have direct impact on results Specifics in this article: Common sense standards? How is this being

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