Models of Teacher Education Essay

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By: Joa q uim Sa p a lo Ca stilho Ca cumba ISCED-HUÍLA - Angola , 2010 1. Education: individual transformation in the triple dimension: knowledge, competencies or habilities, attitudes (António Nóvoa, 1988), character and values; "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." [Nelson Mandela] Education: a process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, values, skills, beliefs, behaviour, and attitudes from one generation to another through institutions; 2. Culture: development of the intellect through training or education; we say A is cultured but B is ignorant. Enlightenment resulting from such training or education. 3. Cha ra cter: Consistenc y b etw een w ha t you sa y you w ill d o a nd w ha t you a ctua lly do; Defines, b uild s, or b rea ks your rep uta tion; It is w ho you a re a nd w ha t you d o w hen no one is looking . Six pilla rs of cha ra cter: trustw orthiness, resp ec t, resp onsib ility, fa irness, c a ring , a nd c itizenship . 4. Ethics: Are the should a nd oug ht of life; Define m ora l rig hts a nd w rong s of p rofessio ns; The rules or sta nda rds governing the conduct of a p erson or the m em b ers of a p rofession. Tra nsc end c ulture, ethnic ity, a nd a re releva nt to a ll soc ioec onom ic c ond itions 5. Va lue: rule b y w hic h w e m a ke d ec isions a b out right a nd wrong, should a nd shouldn't, g ood a nd b a d . They c a n b e sta ted (w ha t w e sa y) a nd op era tiona l (w ha t w e d o). "Wha t is w rong is w rong , even if everyone is d oing it. Rig ht is still rig ht, even if no one else is d oing it." - [Willia m Penn] 6. Mora ls: Found ed on funda menta l principles of right conduct ra ther tha n leg a lities. We jud g e others m ore strong ly on m ora ls tha n va lues; Mora ls a re a lw a ys the sa m e. Im m ora lity va ries from g enera tion to g enera

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