Models of Disability Essay

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The understanding of disability is still unknown to many people. The way people see disability have different meaning to the way society see disability. Different cultures have different meaning to the term disability. There are some people, who consider people with disability are paying for their sins. It is believed that they must have done something bad in their pervious life and are paying for it in this life. Because of some cultural differences, they mostly are labelled to be look through negative perspectives. Swain (2003) says that what term societies are meant to use? ‘Disable People’ or ‘People With Disability.’ Using the term ‘People with Disability’ is considered more human and more positive compared to ‘Disabled People’ it makes people feel part of the society instead of being left out. To make people with disability feel more part of the society the government bought laws so that everyone was equally, the DDA Act 1995. However it got change in 2005. The (Disability Discrimination Act) DDA Act 2005 states that ‘as having a disability for the purposes of the DDA where they have a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.’ (Department of work pension 2005) Yet what can be considered ‘day to day activities?’ It is not clearly defined correctly as some people with disability could use some part of their body where there are some who can not. Because of this people with disability are often labelled and left out. Calling someone handicap or dump or deaf and dump is being labelled. Being labelled is quite negative towards people with disability. It makes them feel that the society does not consider them equal. This discourages some people to make friends or go out into the society. Shakespeare (2006) explains that labelling is viewed negatively in the
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