Models an methods o intervention in social work

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Models and Methods of Intervention Analyse Major models of social work interventions and methods used when intervening in practice. In this essay I will be looking into the different ways of intervening with a client in the event of a crisis and how a person understands and manages personal change through the transitional cycle of change. Communication is crucial in all social work intervention whether it is with individuals, families groups or communities. Psychosocial casework is one of the oldest methods in social work. This involved social diagnosis prior to deciding whether to give indirect treatment of relieving environment distress or direct treatment that is influencing the thoughts and feelings of individuals. Throughout the 1950s-960s Freudian psychoanalytic ideas particularly known as psychodynamic casework.1970-1980 methods were questioned about individual focus which suggested they were oppressed and failed to address the broader social economic issues that contribute to the problems experienced by service users. Psychosocial approach helps to keep an open mind .Imagination and knowledge of personality functioning human behaviour and emotional suffering are inherent in the ideas they assist in reaching differential diagnosis and treatment plans Clients interact with environment in unique ways. Counselling: -counselling is shorthand for any form of interaction to help people. As Sedan (1999) suggested Technique can be used in many areas that are undertaken by social work. Like pre-sentence reports and assessments of children and families, Community care assessment’s. This method helps service user acknowledge emotional problems to help them understand themselves and why they feel powerless to change or respond to change in unpredictable ways. Also social worker needs to have knowledge of understanding differences between different approaches of
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