Model T Essay

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The Ford Model T, and all of its effects created a turning point in the history of man and science. The evolution of science and technology is a good vantage point to view how humanity has evolved. Over the course of history, Technology and Humanity advanced at an extremely similar rate. The invention of a great new technology generally results in a period of success. This concept is best exemplified by the causes and effects of Henry Ford’s Model T. Undoubtedly, The Model T was a great advancement in Technology, but it also marked a major turning point in the advancement of the middle class in the United States. The Model T improved the lives of rural families, urban middle class families and industrial worker and also created a more defined idea of the American middle class. The Ford Model T was the beginning of the modern era of manufacturing for the United States. The first cars were expensive, unreliable and reserved only to the super rich. Henry Ford, a young and ambitious engineer worked very hard to change that. After multiple failures to produce a vehicle, like the Quadra-cycle, Ford scrapped his plans and started fresh. Ford designed and built the Model T, a small and reliable car for the masses. Ford invented and used the conveyer belt in the production of the Model T, which was a first in the production of complex manufactured machines. Compelled to lower costs for the Model T, Ford improved upon his production methods and eventually became so efficient that the Highland Park Plant produced a car every 24 seconds. The Model T was the basis on which all other cars and trucks would be built until the computer era. Productivity was also increased when Ford instituted the five dollar day, which paid all the workers in the factory at least five dollars per day. This increased factory productivity by lowering the rates of absence and turnover. With fewer

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