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For my research essay in EAC 150, the topic that I have chosen is related directly to post-secondary education in Canada. The focus of my research essay will be the extremely high prices of tuition at Canadian post-secondary institutions. I’m still working on my thesis, but, essentially, what I’d like to prove is that post-secondary education should be free to all Canadian citizens. I chose this topic because my family and I come from Romania and in Romania, all post-secondary education is funded by the government. A government-funded post secondary education is the rule in many other countries as well. In my essay I plan to also explore the policy surrounding post-secondary education in the United States of America, where tuition rates are more than double what they are here in Canada. I have not yet fully researched the topic, but I know that Statistics Canada will be helpful because I wish to discover exactly what percentage of highscool graduates in Canada attends post-secondary institutions. It would also be helpful to know the average income of a family that supports a post-secondary student in Canada. In addition to Statistics Canada, I will also be using individual college/university websites from within Ontario. This will aid in acquiring accurate current tuition rates at different institutions for different programs. I also plan to use journal articles from the Seneca College Library that analyze the impact of high tuition rates on low-income families. I chose this topic mainly because I am a post-secondary student who is paying for his own tuition and I am curious about where all of the money goes. Also, I am interested in researching how much of our post-secondary tuition in Canada is funded by the government in relation to how much we pay from our own

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