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WORKSHEET – UNIT 12 MODAL AUXILIARY VERBS Task 1 –Answer the questions on page 4 of the unit. i) 1) May I use your phone? ii) 7) You must take an English course. iii) 9) You could see a doctor about that cut on your arm. iv) 12) You don’t have to use that door. v) 13) I will be at your house by six o’clock. vi) 18) It must be Sally. vii) 21) It can’t be Mike. viii) 24) He had to go home. ix) 27) Each student must have a health certificate. Both sentences are definite, but number 7 is an advice where number 27 indicates an obligation. x) (28) I’ve got to go – I have another plan and must leave (29) I have to go – I need to leave (30) I should go – I need to leave, but it is okay if I stay (31) I’m supposed to go – I am expecting myself to leave (32) I’d better go – I think it is a good idea for me to leave (33) I’d rather go – I prefer to leave Task 2 – Summarize what you learned when answering the questions on page 4. Models are very useful for delivering the meaning of a sentence; also, they can be used to express the level of authority and urgency of the sentence. Task 3 – Identify the usage of each of the following modal verbs and give two activate stage teaching ideas for each, making sure that each teaching idea matches the usage of the example sentence. None of the teaching ideas should be the same: a) May I use your toilet? Usage: Polite request Activate stage activities: 1. Dialogue – put students in pairs, and ask them to create a list of 10 items. The two students will take turn to ask for different items using the model “may”. For example: A: May I have a pencil? B: Yes, you may. / No, you may not. 2. Role play – put students in pairs, and one

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