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Mock UN Report The United Nations, an international program formed to “protect and promote international peace and security.” Every year at Lee Senior, a Mock United Nations trial is held and around fifty student-delegated countries debate and then vote for the outcome of each resolution. Each delegation is responsible for decorating their table with items relevant to their country, dressing in a style that country is well known for, and preparing a dish or two to share with the other delegations. This year, I and four others were privileged to represent the delegation of Ireland. My delegation consisted of Shannon Lemons, Christian O’Neal, Corey Wooten, Anthony Newman, and myself. Coming up with a resolution for Ireland was slightly difficult because nothing really big happened there recently, but finally we decided upon something that would benefit the majority of Ireland and help the American war effort in the Middle East. At the Shannon International Airport, non-violent protests were being held because American troops and supplies were being passed through there. We feared that the rebellion would escalate to an extremist level, so we asked the United Nations to station INTERPOL at Shannon Airport to keep the supply lines between Ireland and the United States safe. Even though the resolution did not pass, sadly to say because of discrimination against the delegation more than anything, I do believe it to still be plausible. One award our whole delegation won was an honorable mention for costumes. Shannon Lemons wore an outfit to resemble an old-time Irishwoman, Anthony Newman and Christian O’Neal wore outfits to resemble classic Irishmen, and Corey Wooten and I dressed up like River dancers. Our table consisted of anything we had that was green, a cliché pot of gold, the classic Lucky Charms, and some random Ireland paraphernalia we all had lying

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