Mochi Monsters Brand Report

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Starting a new group project “Moshi Monsters” first of all was very hard to understand how it was necessary to begin. MM project unusual for fashion students, but we all are business orientated personalities who should learn how to understand business from different angle. First two weeks of our project beginning no one had real understanding what we should start from. After massive brain storm we tried to fold our ideas in to right business model, but on the end all our story was slightly higher covered than our original task .On the first presentation our main idea was heard but has showed us our mistakes and what we should more concentrated on. The idea of selecting MM presentation in the airport has been successfully approved and we began new cycle of our deep research. Selecting MM at the airport we realized how we can extend this brand worldwide only interested parents and their children traveling around the world. This fast-growing brand has taken all the niches in the local market and it was very hard to imagine where else it could be present. In our understanding of MM business will be completely successful and with the help of international tourism MM can cover many new markets without any massive contribution and with our right concept for that. Thanks to our diversified professional group we have created a very simple and easy concept for MM to spread through the “word of mouth” globally through British airports and international airlines. We brought together all our forces to create a new business model for this brand and we hope that the new project will be very successful and will spread through all UK airports as the new British children's Brand. In this project we found a lot of difficult situations outputs, learned how to think and create together. Through this project, I think each of us has been helpful to learn how to create a new business

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