Moby Dick Comparison

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The character of David Swan and Moby-Dick are the same and there different tin a lot of ways. The character David swan is a young man that is a carefree person, while he is asleep there is a lot of thing that happen. The character Captain Ahab goes through the sea looking for a big white whale named Moby Dick, because of his addiction he gets the crew and almost himself killed because of it. The Character David Ends up sleeping under a maple tree and ends up being involved in a bunch of incident that could have gone good and could have been bad. At the end of all of it he does end up going to Boston, but everything that happened to him could have made him not been able to go. One of the incidents was that an elderly couple had a tire that came loose and the elderly woman wanted to wake him up and take him with him but they ended up just leaving him there. Another thing that happened that he was going to be robed by some thieves’ but they ended up having a change of heart and left him alone, they could of killed him in the proses but they didn’t. The character Captain Ahab had many thing happened to him, for starters he lost his leg to Moby Dick, and that was started his reign of terror to kill the great white beast. Some of the thing that could have happened was he could of token the advice of his fellow men and turned away, but at the time he was blinded by hatred and addiction . He ended up killing almost all of his crew and himself in the proses of killing the whale, but at the end he did what he wanted to do and left almost sane and happy. In conclusion both of them did what they wanted to do but had to go through many task,(awake or not) but they both got through it. Some of the choices might have been bad but at the end they accomplished what they want their to
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