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Mobile Security: Special Report for Computer Weekly Mobile Security ~ Safe and Secure Devices 1. Introduction This special report for readers of Computer Weekly is based on Juniper Research‟s recent report: • Mobile Security Strategies: Threats, Solutions & Market Forecasts 2012-2017 Smartphones currently possess many of the powerful capabilities similar to a PC and as new features and functionalities are being added, smartphones are becoming more vulnerable to certain kinds of attack. As smartphones are increasingly used for accessing remote data and carrying sensitive business and personal data, security apps are becoming an essential and integral part of the smartphone to make it less vulnerable to the different types of threats. Similarly, as both consumer and enterprise adoption of tablets has risen – following the success of Apple‟s iPad – there is a pressing need to provide security solutions for these devices. We have summarised the factors that contribute towards the need for security as shown below. Figure 1: Need for Mobile Security Source: Juniper Research Page 1 Mobile Security: Special Report for Computer Weekly The proliferation of downloadable free and paid apps that can be easily installed on mobile devices along with their high volume of data usage opens up the device towards possible threats and risks. Also, the increasing adoption of mobile commerce (mainly banking, payments and ticketing) by users means that distinct security measures are required for the different types of threats and risks they face. Consumers are adapting to new environments and are familiarising themselves with their new habitats. While for laptops or netbooks using the more traditional data connections (cable broadband or Wi-Fi), the presence of security suites has been a common practice for quite some time, the situation is markedly

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