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Mobile Phones Are Not Necessary for Teenagers Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on March 29, 2013
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Mobile phones are not necessary for teenagers
English Speech

Mobile phones were once used only as a form of communication and for emergencies. But today, it is a very different story, it is used to text, play games, used to surf the net and much more. Good morning Ms Bailey and fellow classmates. At a certain time in our teenage life, we all think that it is necessary to own a phone but I strongly believe that “mobile phones are not necessary for teenagers” because it only leads to distraction, unnecessary phone bills and brings danger to people’s lives.

We all must admit that having a mobile phone is quite crucial nowadays, but at the same time it may be affecting us teenagers in a negative manner as well. Mobile phones are not necessary for teenagers because all it does is lead to distraction. More kids are becoming anti-social and distancing themselves from others because of mobile phones. Have you noticed that wherever you walk, you’ll always see a teenager looking down at their phones, texting away or listening to music and even when they’re not using their phones, they’re constantly holding onto it or swinging it around? They no longer need to talk face to face; they just use Facebook, Skype and other social networks on their phones to communicate to one another.

Secondly, allowing a teenager to own a mobile phone is very costly. Who hasn’t overspent their phone bills before? The majority of teenagers likes to text, make phone calls and go on the internet on their phones and unless they are on an unlimited plan or on a prepaid mobile, they can easily overspend and can be charged on overages on minutes or text messages. Most teens are not mature enough to know the limits and at the end of the day, teenagers’ owning mobile phones are just giving extra unnecessary phone bills for their parents to pay for.

Lastly, a mobile phone is not necessary for teenagers because it can lead to potential threats to their lives. According to recent studies, it...

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