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Introduction One of the most technologically pervasive influences over the past decade has been the mobile phone. The emerge of mobile phone is having an impact on society in term of creating informative, connected, culturally innovative, and converging society. The mobile phone has rapidly become an integral and essential communication tool that is being used worldwide. The introduction of smart phones has provided additional impetus for the industry to grow further. Smart phones are those that allow users to surf internet, download music and other data services as well as make calls and send text messages. According to the Economist, (2008) the market for smart phones is expected to grow from $39bn in 2007 to $95bn in 2013 by which time they make up nearly half of handset market by value. A quarter of the population, aged 18-24 are claiming that mobile phones are more important than TV, MP3 player and games console. The under 25s are used mobile phone to communicate with others, parents use mobile phone to keep in touch with their children, grandparents use mobile phone to contact their grandchildren, working populations use mobile phone to coordinate office work from home. Nowadays, there is little documented evidence of the social impact of mobile phone on social interactions and business. In order to give the importance of mobile phone communication, the following question need to be investing: what is influence of mobile phone on our social relationship and its impact on people. Therefore, the main objective of this study is to provide the evidence of the influence of mobile phone on adoption and also the positive and negative affect of mobile phone technology on everyone´s daily life. Finally, this study will bring several influence of mobile phone usage, which will serve as basis for instituting interventions to alleviate them and also serve as a basis

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