Mobile Ip Essay

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Introduction Mobile nodes unlike their counterparts, the static nodes, do have some problems in getting the services required. Despite being sophisticated this shortage of services does appear owing to various factors like low power availability as the mobile nodes on the move use battery power, low computation resources due to the compact nature of their shape and low bandwidth for the wireless medium. Apart from these limitations which can be upgraded at a certain future, they are faced from the most difficult problem of security as they roam from one domain into a different domain. Security in essence deals with providing services aimed at 1. Data Confidentiality: This ensures that the message is accessed by the communicating parties who are authorized for receiving that data. 2. Authentication: Ensures that the origin of the message is identified correctly with no unauthorized person being involved. 3. Data Integrity: This assumes that the information transmitted is received intact or that the changes in the data do not go unnoticed. 4. Non Repudiation: This service ensures that the person sending the message can not deny the origin of the message to be from him. It also ensures that the receiver can not deny the receipt of the message. 5. Access Control: By ensuring this service the visited network of the mobile node can set up the required resources for that node. However we see that once authenticated and a secure association set up it can be quite easy to ensure that the message reaches the intended recipient, ensures that no one else other than intended recipient receive the message and also see to it that the sender who is sending the message is infact the real originator of the message. This is because of our requirement that the communicating parties alone know the security association which is supposed to be a shared secret as in the case

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