Mobile Dictionary: an Innovative Vocabulary Tool Essay

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Mobile Dictionary: An Innovative Vocabulary Tool Manohar H. Mali, R.C.Patel English Medium Sec. School, Shirpur Dist. Dhule Abstract Dictionary has been the most reliable source for Second Language Learning. In the technophobic world today, mobile dictionaries work as the boon for the young ESL learners. A learner carries not bulk but puts mobile dictionary software into his/her mobile phone. Students need to enrich their vocabulary while professionals need a handy word or two when composing business letters, resumes, speech or any document. Mobile dictionaries are user specific viz. legal, medical, trade and commerce, pharmaceutics, etc; as they get thousands of words with meanings within a fraction of second. Many types of mobile dictionary software designed to fit any type of model phone. As for platforms, Symbian and Java are the most widely used types for mobile dictionary software. One popular mobile dictionary software is Mini Dictionary 1.0 which is an English-English dictionary with 175,622 words providing an attractive user interface and even easy for non-techie people to search. A quick help offers user an open ended space to get access to any word. Mobile dictionary software such as Oxford Mini, Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary, Collin Co-build, Idiom-Phrases dictionary, and even Khandebahal English-Marathi Dictionary avail ESL learners a broader scope to learn second language. Key words: Dictionary, technophobic, vocabulary, mobile phone, software, Symbian, Java, language learning Introduction: Dictionary is a still one of the most reliable reference for most people especially students. There has been a development from large hard bound dictionaries to pocket editions. Paper version is still the choice of many but it is not so convenient to carry around and keep away from getting torn or wet. In addition

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