Mobile Computing Device Essay

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Exercise 2: This question is talking about the use of mobile computing device will be greatly increased in a century. The keyword is “discuss”. This question is requesting us to describe, analyze and explain the shown statement. Exercise 3: * Being productive during down time. Obviously, being able to work virtually anywhere is the best benefit of the mobile computing. There are times when you want to do some work when you have some down time, like when you're waiting for your flight, waiting for someone in a restaurant, and other waiting activities.(Russell, CP, 2010) * Being able to work when you least expect it. There are times when you suddenly need to do some report, respond to an important email, or send a file. During these times, it's reassuring to know that you can just power on your mobile device and start working! Globalization has made working with co-workers from other countries and different time zones a necessity. As a result, your working hours is oftentimes disregarded by your foreign counterparts. (Russell, CP, 2010) * Being able to play my multimedia collection anywhere. All work and no play can may you a dull person. (Russell, CP, 2010) * Locational flexibility. You no longer need to stay plugged in to a specific location for working on your computer. Mobile computing allows you unprecedented flexibility to move about and perform your activities at the same time. This is, indeed, the chief among all other benefits. Traveling abroad for work and missing family and friends? This method enables you to connect with near and dear ones while you're in transit. (Ishani, CS, 2011) Exercise 4: * Rest time is no longer rest time. Although we can do some tasks on our computers during our rest time or down time, it also takes away actual time for rest. Our minds and bodies need time to calm down and recharge, too. (Russell, CP, 2010)

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