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Mobile Computing Take a look into any college classroom and you are guaranteed to see a student e-mailing from their smart phone, typing notes on their laptops, putting appointments in their PDA’s or playing games on their tablet PC! What exactly are they doing? All of these are examples of mobile computing; the fun, expensive, yet convenient way to connect to world in the comfort of your seat in class or wherever you happen to be. Mobile computing in 2011 (and the years to come) is becoming more seemingly inevitable. No longer will the devices be used by, what seems to be, tech savvy, young people, but also for all generations. Mobile computing is the use of portable technology to access the internet. Mobile computing includes three major aspects. Those three aspects include mobile communication, mobile software and mobile hardware. The great thing about mobile computing is you are able to compute while being mobile. Mobile computing enables mobile workers to create, access, store and communicate information without having to be forced to be confined to one location. As I stated earlier, there are three aspects of mobile computing; mobile hardware, mobile software, and mobile communication. Mobile hardware is often defined by the size, weight, microprocessor, primary storage, secondary storage, screen size, screen type, means of input, means of output, battery life, communications capabilities, expandability, and durability of the device. Once you characterize the device’s hardware, mobile computing can be grouped into the following categories: Palmtop, Clamshell, Handheld Penkeys, Penslate and Laptop. This table below, portrays mobile hardware. (Buyer's Guide, 1998) (Intermec Technologies, 1999) (Product Comparison Guide, 1999) (Intermec Technologies, 1999a) Table 1. | Palmtops | Clamshells | Handheld Penkeys | Penslates | Laptops | Form Factor and

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