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mobile banking; sanima bank limited mobile banking; sanima bank limited PBA synopsis PBA synopsis shuwashis prasad ojha e-con, dev. shuwashis prasad ojha e-con, dev. Name(s): SHUWASHIS PRASAD OJHA Semester: 3RD Year and month: 2012-‐10-‐04 Class (month and year of start): Company: SANIMA BANK LIMITED, NEPAL. Contact person: Sunil Khatiwada(relationship manager) SANIMA BANK LIMITED, TEL.NO: 00977-1-4428979 , Supervisor: Palle Zych Blog link(s): Executive Summary Under the academy Bachelor in E-Concept Development at Denmark, the successful completion of my last three mandatory report is the strong evidence of my role and capacity to carry out the independent research and investigation and able to communicate the e-concept definitions, in wide terms and in a real settings. These are the strong academic criterion demanded from an individual, of which; I have successfully fulfilled. As per my motivations and ability to learn, in each of the three modules in my second semester; the successful approach at its bottom, was to gain an immense knowledge of e-concept within the paradigm of; e-commerce, e-communication and e-media production as much as possible. The accomplished projects works based upon real existing organizations, are the proven results. Upon reaching the final semester of e-concept development, I have come to the realization and an assumption of the importance of e-concepts in today’s globalized and technology driven society, and the positive influence they can carry in any organizational performances. Introduction: This synopsis is a final part of my PBA final exam and a written defense to my final examination of my academy program: E-concept Development. The synopsis takes its starting point, where I ended my third module project and internship, with

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