Mobie Computing Essay

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Over the last 20 years cell phone ownership has increased massively, to the point where over 80% of the world’s population has cell phone coverage. The technology needed to provide adequate signal has not kept up with demand, which is why 69% of Americans have dropped calls and poor signal ( The cell phone industry has grown a huge market over the last couple of years and with the wave of technology on the rise new technology is on the horizon. From 3G to 4G and back to 2G the mobile community consumers are always asking questions which provider is the best, how can this fit into my budget/ lifestyle, and who has the best service? Throughout the years, carriers have been trending over the need to increase speed and signal capabilities. Most major companies such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile have devises that are 3G and 4G capable. 3G is referred to as wireless technology that initially enabled internet browsing. As opposed, 4G in an upgrade from 3G in which was designed to optimize data over wireless networks and to improve speed and efficacy of data delivery. 3G services in which most of us use today are tapping networks with increasingly high speeds and 4G wireless services are quickly becoming faster and being introduced in some of the most popular areas of the country. In the next few paragraphs I will compare and contrast 3G and 4G in regards to services and applications, network architecture, data throughout, and user perception. In comparison, 3G and 4G in regards to data throughout both networks can perform at high speeds to enhance voice and data access. For examples, users can access faster mobiles phone games especially the ones in which contain high graphics and animation. In difference, relatively speaking 3G can go up to 3.1 mpbs and 4G ranges from 3 to 5 mpbs. According to Sas cha

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