Mob Mentality Essay

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Mob mentality is used to refer to unique behavioral characteristics that develop when people are in large groups. The term “mob” urges from an image of aggressive, disorganized, and started group of people. Psychologists study group behavior and tend to prefer terms such as “hysteria.” The study of mob mentality is quite interesting. Mob mentality is used to analyze situations that turn into violence. Mob mentality is shown when certain individuals urge or lead a crowd or group into certain behaviors. It is the individual who triggers and spurs action that causes tides and ebbs to flow through the like minded individuals that are in the crowd. Mob mentality affects the individual’s behavior by resulting in panic and violent behavior. An individual’s behavior can be negatively influenced by the group’s motives whether they are based on race, religion, or clicks. Ordinary people can typically gain direct power by acting collectivity. The main idea of Sigmund Freud’s crowd behavior theory is that people ten to act differently toward people who are thinking individually. The minds of a group come together to form a new way of thinking. Each member’s enthusiasm increases as a result, and becomes less aware of the true nature of one’s actions. Le Bon’s theory on mob mentality, states that crowds foster anonymity and sometimes generate emotion that has become commonplace. Some critics, such as Clark McPhail pointed out how some studies show that “the madding crowd” does not take on a life of it’s own, apart the thoughts and intentions of members. Norris Johnson, after investigating a panic at a 1979 Who Concert concluded that the crowd was composed of many small groups of people mostly trying to help each other. Although, leaders, however, identify themselves to an idea. There have been many race mobs in America. They exist today and they did also in the past,
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