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A CASE ANALYSIS ON SUPER SHAMPOO PRODUCTS AND THE INDIAN MASS MARKET Submitted To: Dr. Dindayal Swain Submitted By: Shiva Krishna padhi Date: 19th July 2012 DECLARATION I hereby declare that the Case Write Up on Xerox Corporation: The Customer Satisfaction Program, submitted to Dr. Dindayal Swain, is a record of an original work done by me based on its case reading. Shiva Krishna Padhi Index 1. Declaration 2. Introduction 3. Why SUPER 4. India and FMCG 5. Why Rural 6. Media Trends in rural India 7. Rural India consumer Behavior 8. Shampoo market in India 9. Shampoo Market in Rural south india 10. Issues and challenges 11. Strategy to be followed 12. Recommendation 13. Conclusion 14. Reference 1. INTRODUCTION: The case basically covers the following areas: a.Suresh Venkatramanan basically involved in marketing industrial products. b. He belongs to Coimbatore. c. Suddenly in 2010 he became interested in consumer products because * He was interested in how shampoo as a category was transformed from unaffordable to affordable category. * He was fascinated with single use packaging i.e invention of sachets. * Also had firm belief that rural market offer great potential for consumer products. d.To launch a product in shampoo category. e. And lastly had a market survey to focus on challenges, opportunity, and know the basic strategy of existing competitors .

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