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Pollution hazards Present day evolving globalization has resulted in pollution of environment as whole. It involves a dramatic degradation of physical, mental, social, and psycological health of the present day generations. It involves the following sequential sequelae : 1. Air Pollution ; - a)Combined effects of carbondioxide, monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, sulphur, lead and dust & nbsp; &n bsp; &nb sp; b)reccurent rhinitis, sinusitis, respiratory tract infections. & nbsp; &n bsp; &nb sp; c) decreased lung capacity. & nbsp; &n bsp; &nb sp; d) decreased work efficiency. & nbsp; &n bsp; &nb sp; e) bronchogenic carcinoma- finally death. 2. Water Pollution & nbsp; &n bsp; &nb sp; a)combined effects of industrial effluents, drainage, nuclear power plants'' wastage. & nbsp; &n bsp; &nb sp; b) recurrent gastroenteritis. & nbsp; &n bsp; &nb sp; c) altered bowel habits. & nbsp; &n bsp; &nb sp; d)decreased work potential. & nbsp; &n bsp; &nb sp; e)minimata disease, GIT carcinomas. & nbsp; &n bsp; &nb sp; 3. Soil Pollution & nbsp; &n bsp; &nb sp; combined effects&nbsof non-bio degradable polymers, pesticides and insecticides. BIO-MAGNIFICATION OF HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS:- & nbsp; &n bsp; &nb sp; &nbs p; ; INCREASEDMORTALITY AND MORBIDITY. & nbsp; &n bsp; Pollution caused by people Air pollution is the introduction of chemicals, particulate matter, or biological materials that cause harm or discomfort to humans or other living organisms, or cause damage to the natural environment or built environment, into the atmosphere.The atmosphere is a complex dynamic natural gaseous system that is essential to support life on planet Earth. Stratospheric ozone depletion due to air pollution has long been recognized as a threat to human health as well as to the Earth's ecosystems.Indoor air pollution and urban air quality are listed as two of the world's worst

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