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Introduction Mountain Man Brewing Company (MMBC) is a quality beer, positioned in the premium domestic segment and priced similarly to other beers in this segment such as Miller and Budweiser (see Fig. 1). The brand enjoys the highest level of awareness amongst consumers in West Virginia, winning many awards and accolades as a premium American beer. The brand relies on its history and its status as a family-owned, independent brewery to develop consumer perception of the beer as authentic and of a high quality. The strong branding of MMBC as the everyman’s down-to-earth beer has been instrumental in seeing it through the increased competition brought on by the development of large national brewers, which sealed the fates of many other regional breweries. Yet for all its success, MMBC faces serious challenges due to shifts in consumers’ tastes and preferences. MMBC’s revenue has been shrinking at a rate of 2% year-on-year in its maturing market. The prospect of its continual decline seems likely, as it faces tough competition from new products such as the “light” beer category. The “light” beer has proven itself to be a real threat to MMBC as it has dominated the beer industry and is the only beer category to have consistent growth in market share (see Fig. 2). Strategies With this current situation at hand, MMBC have three alternatives – a) To maintain its single brand strategy, for which Mountain Man Lager (MM Lager) is its cash cow, b) To adopt a multi-brand strategy by introducing a “light” beer under a different label or c) To employ a brand extension strategy, by introducing a “light” beer under MMBC brand name. a) Maintain Single Brand Strategy MM Lager has been reputed for its distinctively bitter flavor and slightly higher than average alcohol content that uniquely contributed to the company’s brand equity. Strong brand awareness and loyalty

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