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Mixed Martial Arts Competition: Should It Be Legalized The issue of whether to legalize mixed martial arts (MMA) competitions has been debated since it was first banned in New York State in 1997. MMA combines many forms of martial arts, including boxing, jujitsu, karate, judo, wrestling and tae kwon do, into one type of combative sport. Athletes train vigorously to participate in the competitions. The State of New York has banned the competitions but has allowed training for the events. Politicians have argued for years that the MMA competitions are violent and immoral and should not be legalized in their state. Proponents for legalizing the live events have argued that the sport is no more violent than other legalized sports and brings…show more content…
Shelby Karpman, a physician who has been involved in numerous MMA events during the past 20 years. Sekeres starts the article by quoting Karpman as saying a “ban would only drive the sport underground, and lead to increased health risks” and banning the competitions “will only generate more injuries and deaths” (Sekeres, S2). Dr. Karpman states in the article that he “has worked in all those sports [boxing, hockey and football], and said the injuries he has witnessed in MMA, and the latest research, do not justify a medically-endorsed ban”. Dr. Karpman has experience in medically supervising over 200 matches and watching more than 2,000 fights. “The Ultimate Fighting Championship held its first Vancouver event in June, and a nearby hospital treated broken limbs, cuts and severe bruises, but not brain injuries. Karpman said a typical card produces injuries no worse than what the emergency-room doctor sees on a Friday night after the bars” (Skeres, S2). This article will be used to support the position that MMA is no more violent than other legalized contact sports and that a doctor who has years of experience in sports events has seen that first…show more content…
David Zinczenko states that “mixed martial arts may be a violent sport, but it is much safer than other, supposedly more civilized competitions, and New York and its fellow holdouts should finally sanction it” (Zinczenko, A19). “We think of more traditional violent sports like boxing and football as safer in part because of the helmets and padded gloves their athletes wear, and that supposedly protect them from harm. These are, in fact, more like the equivalent of poorly designed sunscreen - - protection that allows athletes to submit to even greater levels of punishment” (Zinczenko, A19). The article states that “studies show that up to 40% of former boxers have symptoms of chronic brain injury, the result of repeated, if padded, blows to the head. And recent studies have demonstrated that most professional boxers, including the majority who show no outward signs of impairment, have some degree of brain damage” (Zinczenko, A19). The article also states that “football and hockey combined sent 55,000 Americans to the emergency room for head injuries in 2009 alone” (Zinczenko, A19). Similarly, the article points out that studies have shown that MMA athletes not only have less chance of brain injury or impairment but they also have less risk of death from participating in the events. “There have been only

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