Mlk vs Mandela

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Elizabeth L. Angeli Professor Patricia Sullivan English 624 12 February 2012 Transcript 1. Georgia toSouth Africa By Tiye Boyd 2. What was the Apartheid in South Africa?O Racial Segregation between the 4 main racial groups O White (Afrikaans), Native (Blacks) , Colored, and Indian O Colored-Mixed European and African O Native-BlacksO Identity Cards given to 18 and older O Prevent migration & Control the Population 3. Goals of the ApartheidO Placement of People by race O Coloreds were affected by this because it broke families apartO In 1951 the government allowed whites to destroy black’s slums O For Blacks who were permitted to live there OR O Reserved for Whites 4. Goals of the Apartheid continuedO Prohibited interracial marriageO Interracial sex was a criminal offenseO Municipal Grounds were reserved for a Race 5. Goals of the Apartheid continuedO Education was segregated O 1953 Bantu Education Act O Aimed blacks to be laboring class O Worse Education than the AfrikaansO Proposed African self government… Never went through 6. Goals of the Apartheid continuedO Black Homeland Citizenship Act of 1970 O Black were no longer citizens O Only of the 20 autonomous territories O Lebowa, QwaQwa, Bophuthatswana, KwaZul a, KaNgwane, Transkei, Ciskei, GazanKula, V end, and KwaNolebete 7. Goals of the Apartheid continuedO Black women had few to no rights O Worked as agricultural or domestic O Jobs hard to find O Low wagesO Children suffered from disease from malnutrition & sanitary problemsO Sports O First divided by race O Soccer leagues 8. CensorshipTo end the extra-parliamentarymovement, African National Congress(AFC), and to erase public memory.O TV was introduced in 1976 O English programming was a so-called threat to their African language 9. Anyone try end the Apartheid? O Nelson Mandela 10. Nelson Mandela’s tacticsO Joined the African National
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