Mlk and Thayer Essay

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Chengwei Zhu Composition 100s Mark, Williams In mankind we live in peaceful wars, and these wars often erupt between social classes. When a social class pyramid is present in our civilization, oppression plays a role in power. One’s response to an action done by another is bounded by oppression. It acts as a bond between two different individuals and groups of people. The power amid the two often leans toward one side, being monopolized and abused. My notion on oppression is that the mentality of one is manipulated by the unbalance of power in this subjugation. In certain cases oppression is necessary to keep peace; like the government and the people. If the government fails to oppress the public with the power of law, chaos would rain upon humanity. We obey the laws and rules of principle that directs right and wrong because it holds consequences if we fail to conform. However, oppression is a form of a mind game as well that many of us do not recognize. We recognize oppression as states of unbalanced power but fail to realize the creation of distort power. Power is given not created, thus recognizing the distorted power or disturbance is the first step to breaking free from the oppressed state. Martin Luther King is known for breaking the oppression between black and white powers. King’s article, “Three Ways of Meeting Oppression” describes the ways to confront the unbalance of influence. Oppression is an imperceptible link that acts upon everyone devoid of permission. King says that oppression comes in three different forms. The first form of oppression is “Acquiescence” (Line 2 Paragraph 1), the ability to kill the soul of the person and have those oppressed resign themselves to their doom, thereby becoming conditioned to it. A slave owner and the slave is the perfect example to illustrate this type of oppression. Slaves are conditioned to the circumstances

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