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Background In the “Annie’s: Growing Organically” case study, the Annie’s CEO Foraker and his team have been challenged with making key business decisions on company’s growth (see below) without impacting the reputation that the company already earned through its core values of keeping the brand fresh and keeping their relationships strong across all channels. * Expand the company’s successful frozen (Pizza) section with a different product lines * Launch a new line of products of different categories around the grocery store Annie’s has already been very successful among younger kids and their moms with their healthy offerings in shelf stable prepared foods across three product categories (Meals, Snacks and Dressings). As a CEO, Foraker now wanted to expand the company’s market place with two primary goals (below) in his mind. * Attract all age group of people (age up the franchise) with company’s unique products * Broaden the company’s current target audience – so called “Core Consumers” (loyal customers of Annie’s) into more mainstream consumers called “Prime Prospects” With the above goals in his mind, Foraker also would like to determine if the successful marketing strategies used for Annie’s Pizza could be applied to all the categories in his growth plan. Target Market(s) One of the advantages for Annie’s is that the company already has its core consumers information such as preferences and attitudes, age group, and income level which can be leveraged as a base line to grow the company into a new target market. Also the given case document clearly indicates that Foraker is in dilemma as to whether the launch of new products of different categories to target “Prime Prospects” would have any impact on Annie’s strong reputable core values that it has been carrying from its inception. With respect to the Target Market, Annie’s should

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