Mkt110 Report Structure

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Required Structure for MKT110 Report on 9inety 2wo Executive Summary Purpose: To summarise your whole report Length: 500 words (not counted in report word count) This section should contain an overview of the whole report. Your audience (your marker) should be able to read this one page document and understand your argument. You must include your conclusions and recommendations. Introduction Purpose: to show your intentions and the purpose of the report Length: 200 words approximately The introduction should include two key phrases: “the purpose of this report is” and the “Intentions of this report are”. Purpose explains why you are writing the report (this is not because it is an assessment). For example, the purpose may be to explain how…show more content…
Product and service (what is the nature of the product/service in the case study – industry?) Price (how does the case study set prices- what does price mean in the industry?) Promotion (how does the case study promote its business- what is common in the industry?) Conclusion (a brief summary of your report) Purpose: to summarise the content of your work Length: 250 words approximately Conclusions should not contain waffle or platitudes about the world; they should be specifically related to the overall fulfilment of your purpose and intentions (from the introduction). That is, you stated what your intentions were; now explain how those intentions were met. Recommendations (Purpose: To make marketing strategy recommendations Length: 250 words approximately Recommendations should be clearly linked back to your argument (i.e. given the market and the information about the case study what should the company do?). You only need to make two or three and they can be formatted in a list. Reference list Purpose: Recognition for all your sources of information Length: n/a All the sources of information you use about the market, the case study and theory needs to be referenced. First, they need to be referenced when they are used in the report and second they need to be included in a reference list at the end of the report using APA style (See Resources on Interact for a guide to referencing materials and NB references are not part of word
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