Mkt1 Unit 4

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------------------------------------------------- Unit 4 Marketing Plan - Developing Strong Brands 3.5 Positioning Homeowners with various floor covering products in their homes can benefit from the experience and vast technical knowledge of all flooring products. Mohawk floor care system will provide extensive cleaning products designed to enhance and prolong life of floor coverings. The floor cleaning system is offered only by retailers that carry Mohawk flooring, not big box stores. 3.6 SKIP THIS SECTION 3.7 Marketing Mix Product Complete floor care system. The system provides intensive cleaning of carpet, laminate, vinyl, and tile surfaces. It will protect the finish of the product and increase its longevity and use.…show more content…
Mohawk’s website will be updated with a video explaining the features of the system and demonstration of the cleaning ability on all surfaces. Large retailers like Home Depot and Lowes will have a floor care system added to their existing Mohawk flooring display. Sales representatives of Mohawk Industries will be on hand when these systems are installed to answer questions about the system and demonstrate its ability to clean different flooring products. 3.8 Marketing Research Market research will determine whether the cleaning system exceeds the expectations of the consumer and exceeds performance of other floor care systems these consumers have used. Surveys of consumers that purchased a cleaning system will be conducted. These surveys will ask consumers for honest feedback regarding the cleaning and time saving attributes of the system. Examination of market potential and industry sales will help to determine market share. The results of these surveys will enable the company to improve the product so that it does continually exceed the performance of other
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