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Prepare a three-year marketing plan (suggested length of 5–7 single-spaced pages) for one of the small appliances from the new line. Describe the specific appliance you have chosen. Carefully examine the details provided in the given Company G marketing situation and identify the specific information that should be considered while developing the plan. Consider other information from the real world that you should incorporate as you develop the plan. Include the following sections in your plan: A. Product Support of Mission Statement 1. Explain how the small appliance you have selected supports Company G’s mission statement provided in the introduction. “We enable consumers to improve the quality and convenience of their lives by providing high-quality, innovative electronic solutions.”
 Company G’s new product is an Indoor/Outdoor Grill. This grill is a new improved quality and convenient grill as promised by Company G. The Grillin-O is improved product of the previous version of indoor/outdoor grills on the market. This Grill offers many features that have never been available to a customer on one product at one time. This grill offers convenience to a wide group of consumers. The Grillin-O is a small grill. Best of all its portable and you can take it anywhere. The new Grillin-O also offers many features never seen before within one item. The Grill is like a combination of all the things you love wrapped up in one bundle, one product does it all. This Grill offers many convenient settings and also settings to quench your taste. The many features of this Grill definitely beyond expectations executes Company G’s mission promising convenience. You can buy online and in any known retail store. This great grill is small, portable, and can be used both Indoor/Outdoors. The Grill can be used with charcoal to satisfy that outdoor grill taste or used

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