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Name: Nathaniel S Keith Instructor: Course: MKT1 Date: June1 Company G 3 Years Marketing Plan Introduction G stems out as being a renowned company that deals with electronic appliances. Its designers and also engineers have endeavored to develop small appliances that bring forth efficiency as well as influence the market at a great extent. There is however a major problem in line with their current marketing plan, which pushes the company to seek alternative ways of tackling their marketing strategy. The new marketing plan is to set to take about three years to fully transform, with a major goal of commanding the given small appliances market. Mission Statement “We endeavor to provide the best quality small appliances for our client, within their affordability range and preferences”. The Product The given product from this new line will emanate as one being of top quality and effective in its given realm. The postulated concept prototype and also production one have brought out the fact that the appliances not only satisfy the needs of the clients but also promote the uniqueness in line with the design. The given design implications bring forth a distinct characterization of elegance, quality and art in its entire realm. This directly falls within the company’s mission, which works on quality and uniqueness. The stronghold of the new line which decreases on generation trends and enhances quality wich ultamitly spares the clients on costs. The masterful appearance and style of the new machines is as a consequence of development by the architects and designers. The quality is steady and the purchaser preference that is underlined by the organization's mission remains true. The improvement of a line of small appliances that is foreseen to be effective is a huge stride towards accomplishment to the mission. Consumer Product Classification The G

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