Mkt-Kim-Assginment Essay

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1. What is Under Armour doing to make its brand personally relevant, surprising, and easy to process? Under Armour demonstrates their brand is targeted at the individual, the team, the stay at home mother getting in shape, or even soldiers fighting for their own country. For example, Under Armour is making its brand personally relevant throughout “the next generation” athlete to showcase their product. They designed for the "up and comers" gives to consumers the impression they could be said up and comers; Under Armour wants to help you on your journey, unlike helping you when you have already crossed the finish line. By using new and upcoming athletes to show off their product, Under Armour gains mass recognition, which results in attracting young and serious athletes. Under Armour continues to make their products relevant by continuously upgrading and using technology to provide its customers with the best sports gear. They also use advantage of social media to stay connected with and provide the public with fast and important information about their products. Under Armour is surprising because they started out as a small company entering an industry dominated by corporate giants like Nike and were able to grow and expand and become a serious industry competitor. One way they were able to grow other than having a good strategy and product ideas was by having a strong brand vision. Under Armour designs sports gear for college sports teams that are colorful and bold, demanding attention and thus making Under Armour a vision of sports for a young, athletic generation. Their product is easy to process because they make their statement clear, that they want to better all athletes by providing the best sports gear. 2. What role do objective and subjective comprehension play in Under Armour’s ability to market its products by sponsoring up and coming athletes?

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