Mkt 578 Week 6 Strategic Plan

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Riordan Strategic Plan CMGT/578 Introduction Riordan Manufacturing’s Chief Operating Officer, Hugh McCauley, has tasked our Chief Information Officer, Maria Trinh, and other top-level managers to develop a five-year strategic plan for the relocation of the Hangzhou facility to Shanghai. Maria has subsequently tasked out IT team to develop a five-year IT strategic plan for this facility relocation. This IT strategic plan will become part of Riordan Manufacturing’s comprehensive five-year plan. This paper will illustrate important factors that will need to be considered by the IT department in preparing for and executing the planned move, provide a discussion on the best way to ensure business continuity during the planned move,…show more content…
The five production supervisors each have oversight of the five production lines. Riordan Manufacturing will purchase a sixth production line that will be the first one installed at the new facility. This will allow each of the other production lines to be moved one at a time without the loss of production capacity. Riordan Manufacturing has consolidated most of the applications infrastructure in the United States to the corporate headquarters in San Jose, CA. China law limits the use of this infrastructure and requires most of these to be duplicated at the facility in China. These China-mandated applications are located in the Hangzhou facility and are critical to tracking the manufacturing and shipping of products. The local databases are polled by San Jose nightly to generate corporate reports. The IT department will have to consider these issues in deciding when the network at the Shanghai facility has to be operational. The definition of operational will include new WAN circuits to both Hangzhou and San Jose. The one to Hangzhou will be needed only during the migration. The time to move the application servers from Hangzhou to Shanghai will have too great of an impact on production. New application servers will be required in Shanghai and a transition plan will have to be…show more content…
Even though there will be backups, there are the other equipment such as printers, fax machines and any special hardware or software that are required to keep the business functioning. Identifying any critical documents such as legal papers, bills, or HR documents will be needed as well. Then last thing of consideration would be some sort of contingency plan for equipment and even location. If there would be a problem with computers or IT equipment when delivered, renting the equipment may be an option for a temporary solution. This plan may have an alternate location in case there are issues with the building being not completed or unavailable. (Jay’s Group, 2009) References Layland, R. (2007, October). Buyer's Guide To Application Acceleration: Ten Questions To Ask Every Vendor. Business Communications Review, 37(10), 42-48. Mergist, S. (2005, August). QOS, Change And Troubleshooting VOIP. Business Communications Review, 35(8), 46-48. Jay's Group of Companies. (2009). Moving Business - Continuity Planning. Retrieved from

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