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Consumer Behavior Stephanie M. Smith MKT/435 June 28, 2012 Richard Ford Consumer Behavior A customer in a busy department store walks around for an hour carrying the same two dresses. Both dresses are very similar in style and color. Both dresses are the latest fad, but a salesperson has to wonder why the man will not make a decision. The man has some elements to consider before he makes the purchase. The man will have to consider the style of the woman for whom he is purchasing the dress. He may consider the price of each dress. The man can even consider whether the woman will like one designer over the other. He may consider similar dresses seen at another popular store. All of the considerations the man can make are a form…show more content…
6). Consumer behavior can give some insight to the way a consumer makes a decision about a particular product or service. The thought process behind a visit to a certain store or a website is also a part of consumer behavior. Organizations want and need to know about how a person decides to use certain services or products. The same organizations must know what thoughts or feelings keep customers away. The knowledge of consumer behavior influences how a company markets to current and potential…show more content…
I did not want shorts too short but shorts that were comfortable and cute. The price I was looking to pay was $10 or less and most of the shorts in the bigger department stores are $15 and up. The price is a huge deciding factor because she needs several pairs and my funds were relatively low. The places, such as Target, Old Navy, and Wal-Mart had the look that she likes, but the prices were not very good. I found a consignment shop where pre-teens and teens can take gently used clothes to re-sell them and get money back. Platos Closet advertises quality name brand clothes at a fraction of the cost. I could purchase six pairs of shorts for $5 or less each pair. I also purchased a name brand purse in excellent condition for $14 that retails for $40. My total purchase was $33! In conclusion, understanding what drives the decisions behind a consumer purchase can help an organization satisfy the target markets. Understanding consumer behavior also gives a company insight to markets outside the target market. Consumer behavior will let the marketer know what a consumer thinks about his or her company and the competition. Knowledge of consumer behavior helps with improving a product or service. When an organization understands consumer behavior, chances are greater that customers will be

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