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MKT 331 final paper Section 1- Beginning State Assessment Our corporation’s name is J and J cameras and we will currently be releasing a new updated digital camera. For our first product release we have chosen the message strategy of a family orientated product, with great picture quality, focus as the products proof and a fun and exciting personality for our advertising campaign. We believe this will allow our company to compete at the highest level with other competing firms and their prodyucts. At the end of the first year Our firm did outstanding by coming in second place in sales and marketing contribution. Out marketing contribution was Section 2 overview of your world The world of digital cameras is a very competitive…show more content…
Section2 Overview of strategy Section 3 decisions and results 2011 decision: For the first decision there were many important items to be certain of when making specific decisions these include. Agency selection, it is important to decide if an outside agency will assist in media selections. Second is media planning, this includes allocation of promotion budgets. Marketing communications, customer relationships, and evaluation research all play a role in each decision as well. J and J cameras came to these decisions for 2011: To target families that value, high picture quality, with an importance in lens focus; and will respond most likely to a fun an exciting ad campaign. J and J also came to the decision that an outside agency would assist and thought that there was an importance in marketing in TV and radio. The budeget for this year with the marketing campaign was $5,600,000. The TV Magic Agency cost an $350,000 that was subtracted from that budget. That left $5,250,000 to allocated through different media to all the reach of our propmotions to our desired target

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