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Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. He is one of the most influential abolitionists in the world. He has changed the world for the better. King got is Ph.D. degree at Boston University in 1955 and was the youngest man to win the Nobel Peace Prize. The discourse is broken into three divisions. The introduction is paragraphs one to five. The proof of case is in paragraphs six to 46. The conclusion is paragraphs 47 to 50. The thesis statement in this discourse is when he says, “I want to try to answer your statement in what I hope will be patient and reasonable terms” (1). Some examples of Jefferson supporting his thesis are when he says, “I came across your recent statement calling my activities ‘unwise and untimely’” (1), “You may well ask” (10), “One of the basic points in your statement is that the action that I and my associates have taken in Birmingham is untimely. Some have asked …The only answer that I can give…” (12), “One may well ask” (15), and “In your statement you assert that our actions, even though peaceful, must be condemned because they precipitate violence” (25). Some more examples are when he says, “You speak of our activity in Birmingham as extreme” (27), “In spite of my shattered dreams, I came to Birmingham with the hope that the white religious leadership of this community would see the justice of our just grievances could reach the power structure, I had hoped that each of you would understand” (36), and “…to mention one other point in your statement that has troubled me profoundly” (45). This discourse is epideictic. Its nature is ceremonial and the time is present but sometimes references to the past. Examples of this are when he says, “I came across your recent statement calling my activities ‘unwise and untimely’” (1), “I am here because I have organizational ties here” (2), “I am in Birmingham

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