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Artist Statement Mixed media final artwork In my final mixed media artwork, I have chosen the theme ‘food’ out of two choices—food or flora. I chose ‘food’ as my subject of art for that; one, there are wide varieties of food as samples to make artworks with, while flora is beautiful in its own way—and two, I find food more interesting in ways of color, shape, and form. I have no particular concept I was trying to express through my artwork, as it shows the same kind of feel in my chosen artist’s works. Though my artwork turns out to look quite dreamy—some says it looks as if the setting was in an aquarium because I have goldfishes surrounding my main focus, the hot dog—making it look like all was in an aquarium, though it wasn’t my intention to make it look like so. I would say it is kind of surrealistic since goldfishes don’t just pop out in the same place as a hot dog, and they’re all in the setting that looks kind of like a sky. I was definitely inspired by an artist, as it is a requirement for us to research for an artist to be inspired by. Philipp Banken, a German freelance artist, born 1984, inspires my artworks on this project. I have chosen Philipp Banken’s sketching style—as I like the sketchy-ness of it—I personally like the mixture of pencil lines and a bit of acrylic paint in one of his paintings. Pencils and watercolor were my main elements for producing this artwork—I’ve used a lot of hatching and tone—tone largely on the hot dog, and hatching on the goldfishes and around each one of them. The process of making this artwork was; First off, I sketched what I wanted to have on the A3 watercolor sketch paper, as well as the grids. I then started painting the hot dog, the focal point, with watercolor—leaving out all the green parts to not have the colors crashing since I want the drawing to have a rather cozy/ warm

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