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Mitosis And Meiosis Lab Essay

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  • on April 10, 2012
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Mitosis and Meiosis Lab

The purpose of this lab is to observe and diagram the various phases of mitosis and meiosis using plant and animal cells.
Means of Accomplishment:
I accomplished this lab by following the instructions provided to me by my lab format worksheet and from my lab advisor, Ms. Hieter.
First, I went to my lab setup, where a microscope and one of the prepared onion and fish slides were available. I searched and observed for each of the four phases in the whitefish slide for meiosis and drew a diagram for each of these phases. Then, I searched for the four phases in the onion root tip slide for the processes of mitosis and drew a diagram each one. For each of those four phases, I determine and explain what is happening in each diagram.
The independent variable in this experiment was the various degrees of the power setting I had set the microscope, the different areas/regions I observed on the given slides, and the cells I found and selected through examination. My dependent variables were the phases of the cells I had examined, its drawings/diagrams, and my descriptions of the cells observed. My control variable was the light microscope, the onion root tip and whitefish slides.
By the end of this lab, I will have properly identified each phase of meiosis and mitosis in the onion root tip and whitefish slides based on my knowledge from in-class lectures, my diagrams and in-class notes.
Mitosis occurs in whitefish and onion root tips, and it is easily observable. Before mitosis the cell is in interphase, this part of the cell cycle the cell will have a distinct nucleus and nucleoli where the threads of chromatin are duplicated. After duplication the cell is ready to begin mitosis and its starts with a step known as prophase. The chromatin will thicken into certian chromosomes and the nuclear envelope breaks, releasing them into the cytoplasm. The first signs of the spindle begin to appear. Next the cell begins...

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