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Mitosis and Meiosis Essay

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  • on February 23, 2014
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Compare and Contrast
Mitosis | Meiosis |
Cloning is a part of the process | Has half the number of chromosomes as the parent cell |
This cell division makes identical cells to the parent cells | Relates only to sexual reproduction |
Process in which growth takes place | Takes place only in the formation of gametes or spores |
Daughter cells are genetically identical | Daughter cells are genetically different from the parent cell |
Not involved in sexual reproduction | A single cell spilt to form four daughter cells or gametes, each have half the number of chromosomes found in most cells |
First step is the copying of the chromosomes | Each gamete has its own unique combination of genetic material |
A cell that is about to divide has twice the normal number of chromosomes | As in mitosis the chromosomes are duplicated and paired |
After the duplication of chromosomes the nuclear membrane dissolves and spindle fibers develop | Form there is no longer resembles mitosis. The pairs separate and divide for the first time |
The matched chromosome pairs are pulled apart and move to opposite ends of the cell | The chromosomes pairs separate and each daughter divides again, producing a total of four cells, each with the half the normal complement of DNA |
After the separation the nuclear membranes reform and the cell splits down the middle | Crossing over between pairs of chromosomes results in the shuffling of genetic material to yield chromosomes with a new genetic makeup |
The result is two cells each which carry a set of chromosomes that are identical to the original | |

The process of meiosis are never identical because of how the cell splits, when the cell splits by the process of meiosis the parental chromosomes split but then they cross over and by crossing over the combination is different types of cell that are made up with different genetics. It is very beneficial to have genetic variation among off springs in term of the long-term...

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