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------------------------------------------------- Motivation Extrinsic and Intrinsic Michael Kaprelian ITT Tech Psychology: 3150 Scott Rogers May 8, 2014 Motivation provides insight into why we may behave the way we do. Motivation is an internal process that reflects the desire to achieve certain goals. Motivation can be divided into two basic types: intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation Intrinsic Motivation: Intrinsic motivation reflects the desire to do something because it is enjoyable. If we are intrinsically motivated, we would not be worried about external rewards such as praise or awards Extrinsic Motivation: Extrinsic motivation reflects the desire to do something because of external rewards such as awards, money, and praise. People who are extrinsically motivated may not enjoy certain activities. They may only wish to engage in certain activities because they wish to receive some external reward. I got laid off from my job four years ago because the company became bankrupt. I really enjoyed my job as a project manager making buildings. I tried to get another job in the field but everyone wanted a degree. Hence I enrolled at ITT Tech to get a degree in project management. So my reason for starting school is clearly extrinsic. Now that I am in school certain classes are directly related to my field of interest. I have three classes this semester, two are project management related and the third is psychology. I find that my motivation for the Monday and Wednesday class is both extrinsic and intrinsic since I enjoy the classes and I need to complete them for my degree. My motivation for the Thursday class is strictly extrinsic since I don’t really like psychology (No offence) but I show up to each class, do all my homework and work hard so that I can pass this class with an A. I am currently in the job market looking for a

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