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Mitigation Plan for Energy Conservation: Electricity Conservation Electricity Conservation The industrial and technological revolution is unstoppable. The quest for more technological advancement is getting more intense. These advancements are proudly embraced by the world’s modernized population. Technology has made the life of the people inhabiting our planet to become much easier day by day with the use of highly advanced facilities. People are enjoying much of the current technologies and seem to forget to think that energy is what makes most of the modern facilities usable. Most, if not all, equipments and facilities used nowadays require energy. Electrically-generated facilities are widely and popularly used which had been considered a necessity in the homes, in the offices, in schools, in the factories, and everywhere. As Electricity is now widely used for lighting purposes, for running machineries and vast varieties of electrical appliances and electronic devices. Electricity use became habitual. Everyone seems to enjoy the exceptional help of electricity but there are many associated problems that lie behind the usage of this resource. Most of the electricity currently in use is generated by using non-renewable energy resources. The use of these non-renewable resources is accompanied by loads of undesirable impacts to the people, to all other living species, to the environment, and to our entire planet as a whole. The renewable resources such s hydropower and solar power which generate electricity currently has much of issues involved as well. With many issues associated with the electricity use, there is a need for an intensive mitigation plan for electricity conservation. Humans mainly contribute to the issues associated with the electricity. Humans enjoyed with the overwhelming advantages of the use of electricity. Humans became too dependent

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