Misunderstood Composer Essay

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A Misunderstood Composer Arnold Schoenberg was an Austrian composer who had a great influence on the 20th- Century. He discovered the method of composition with twelve tones. He was born in Vienna, Austria on September 13th, 1874 to a Jewish family. As a child he lived in Berlin during World War I, his father, Samuel was a shopkeeper and his mother, Pauline was a piano teacher. Although his mother was a piano teacher, Arnold was self-taught; when he was eight years old he started to learn the violin and soon after began composing violin duets. The only lessons he took were from the composer Alexander Zemlinsky, and he gave him instructions on composition. At the age of 25, he produced his first major piece of work, the tone poem Verkarte Nacht for string sextet, which translates to Transfigured Night. In 1901 at the age of 27 he married Alexander Zemlinsky’s sister, Mathilde, with whom he had two children. The couple moved to Berlin and lived there for two years while he orchestrated operettas and directed a cabaret orchestra. In 1903 they decided to move back to Vienna where he would then teach students to become composers. In 1908, Schoenberg’s compositions consisted of far-reaching harmonies which would later be used as tonality; therefore many audiences didn’t understand his work, as a result, he felt persecuted by the public. What very much affected his life and career was the affair his wife, Mathilde had with his painting teacher, she left Schoenberg for many months, the affair later led to her committing suicide. During the absence of his wife he composed “you lean against a silver-willow”. In 1911 he was offered and accepted a teaching position in Berlin, there he composed his most influential work, Pierrot Lunaire. In 1915 he again returned to Vienna, where for about five years he didn’t compose any music, instead of composing he was trying to find a
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